ADGA Nigerian dwarf bucks and bucklings

ADGA Nigerian dwarf bucks and bucklings

Geographic Area(s) of Listing:
Detroit Metro > Michigan
City: Davisburg

Bucks for sale! ADGA registered, clean tested herd in February.

One year old registered black with minimal white buck. Tiny Tony is a on the smaller side and is a very fertile boy He has successfully bred 3 does. His kids are also available for sale. One has moonspots not sure if he got this from Tony or from mom. $300

One year old gold and white registered buck. Buddy is very friendly and sweet. His previous owner tried to band his horns so they have marks in them. He has successfully bred our Mini Nubian. $250

Bucklings were just born May 31st and will be ready to go after weaning. One is white with black spots and moonspots ($350) and the other is brown with white spots ($300) They will both be ADGA registerable. These are Tonys kids. Dam is white with gold spots. Babies are handled multiple times a day so they will be used to people and friendly.

We are rehoming the bucks since my young kids like to leave gates open and we have had some unplanned breedings 😆Please message any questions. We are located in Davisburg, Michigan.

Asking Price: $300

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Text Number: (248) 245-7369

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