Dairy Goat Herd of Nine Needs New Home

Dairy Goat Herd of Nine Needs New Home

Geographic Area(s) of Listing:
Southwest Michigan > Michigan
City: Galien

9 goats for sale. Prefer to sell as a herd but will negotiate. Crop contract opportunity has created a conflict of interest. All 9 are personable and easy to manage. Includes 4 registered purebred does all born in Spring 2020, 2 Lamancha and 2 Alpine. The Lamancha are IN MILK!!! The Sire buck is a 3-year-old Nigerian dwarf with 4 Lamancha-Nigerian cross kids, 3 intact bucklings and 1 doeling. 2 1/2 month old kids have grazed on hay, grass, and forest brush since day one. Homemade milking stand also available for sale.
2-registered yearling Lamancha does in milk production $800 each
2-registered yearling Alpine does $500 each
1-proven intact 3-year-old Nigerian Dwarf buck $450
3-intact Lamancha-Nigerian crossbred bucklings $150 each
1-Lamancha-Nigerian crossbred doeling $300

Asking Price: $3750

Seller Contact Details

Email Address: info@neamu.farm

Phone Number: (847) 542-1066

Text Number: (847) 542-1066

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