Miniature Belted Galloway Bull Lease

Miniature Belted Galloway Bull Lease

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Bay City > Michigan
Saginaw > Michigan
The Thumb > Michigan
City: Munger

Signed lease is for a minimum 3 months. Person leasing is responsible for all care/feed cost while they have bull and they must have testing done to ensure the bull hasn't contracted any diseases prior to the bulls return. Cost is $50 per head per month. Can be picked up or there is a charge for delivery for $2 loaded mile.

My name is Batman and I’m on the lookout for some nice heifers or aged cows to meet temporarily as long as they like to get frisky since I’m such a stud muffin.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a miniature Belted Galloway bull. Presently my hip height is 47". I was born April 2019. I’ve passed my bull soundness exam and have been trich tested.  I have a great laid back temperament.
I am registered with the International Miniature Cattle Association as are my Sire and Dam. I am registered as a miniature Belted Galloway. My sire is Maximus the Great 5599-MCR He is a miniature Dunn Belted Galloway bull and pop’s hip height is 38”. My Dam is HMH Lilly of Valley 7053-MCBR. She is a miniature Panda cow and ma’s hip height is 42”

Asking Price: $50.00

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Phone Number: (989) 717-2450

Text Number: (989) 717-2450

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